1. NABR is an independent, third-party company, conducting auto body labor rate surveys in the state of California.
  2. This survey is used to provide CA Body Shops with an independent and transparent source of labor rate data for their geographic area. It provides documentation and support for market labor rates and helps with labor rate negotiations, demonstrating that a shop's rates are fair and reasonable.
  3. To ensure the highest quality data, all your answers must be accurate and complete.
  4. The survey must be completed by an authorized representative of your body shop, preferably the Owner or General Manager.

CAUTION! - Failure to complete this questionnaire in full may result in its exclusion from this survey. Consequently, your labor rates may not be included in NABR's labor rate reports for your area, and the market labor rates for that area would be determined by other shops who completed the survey.

Therefore, please complete the survey questionnaire carefully and completely, so that your labor rates are included in the survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


Shop Name:
Physical Address: City: State: Zip:


Question 1: The survey may only use labor rates of auto body repair shops registered with, or licensed by, the California Bureau of Automotive Repair as an auto body and/or paint shop.

Yes No
Is your shop duly registered or licensed as an auto body and/or paint shop with or by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair?

If Yes, please provide your California BAR license number:

If No, stop here, proceed to Part 4: Declaration to sign and complete your survey, then submit it.

Question 2: We may only use labor rates in a survey reported by auto body repair shops that meet certain specific standards. Please confirm below whether you meet all of the following specific standards:

Yes No Standard
Meet all equipment requirements for auto body repair shops, as required by the Bureau of Automotive Repair and as described in California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Division 33, Chapter 1, Article 6, Section 3351.5, Equipment Requirements for Auto Body Repair Shops, and any amendments thereto
Have proof of garage keeper's liability and workers' compensation insurance or equivalent
Have electrical or hydraulic equipment capable of making simultaneous multiple body or structural pulls
Have a spray booth that meets current federal, state and local requirements
Have the ability to complete and verify four-wheel alignment through computer printout either from an in-house alignment system with at least one technician that is certified or qualified or by utilizing a qualified sublet provider
Have the ability to (1) remove and reinstall frame, suspension, engine, and drive train components, or (2) use a qualified sublet provider
Have the ability to evacuate, reclaim, and recharge vehicles air conditioning system using EPA compliant in-house equipment and certified technicians or use a qualified sublet provider
Subscribe to a provider of structural specifications with periodic updates covering the vehicle structure for the make, model, and year of the vehicle(s) being repaired and wheel alignment specifications for the make, model, and year of the vehicle(s) being repaired

If you answered NO to any of the items in Question 2 above, stop here, proceed to Part 4: Declaration to complete your survey, and submit it.


Question 3: Hourly Labor Rate Charged - Please indicate the hourly labor rate charged by your facility for non-Direct Repair Program or other non-discounted auto body repair work for each category of repair identified below. (Enter zero "0" if the labor rate category does not apply to your shop.)

Body/Sheet Metal: $ per hr Mechanical: $ per hr
Refinish Labor: $ per hr Aluminum: $ per hr
Frame: $ per hr Carbon Fiber: $ per hr
Structural: $ per hr Fiberglass: $ per hr

Question 4: Prices for Other Services. Please enter the flat rates charged by your facility, if any, for the following items. If you do not have a standard rate for these items, then enter zero "0".

Inside Storage: $ per day Outside Storage: $ per day
Pre-Scan: $ per scan Post-Scan: $ per scan
4 Wheel Alignment: $ per job Paint & Materials: $ per hour


Instructions: Mark the certifications that your shop currently has. If you are pursuing any of these but have not yet completed the process, do not mark that certification now. Come back later to complete another survey once your certification has been awarded.

Question 5: Which of these trainings, certifications, or recognitions does your shop currently have? Select all that apply.

Question 6: Which of these OEM certifications / recognitions does your shop currently have? Select all that apply.

Question 7: Which of these equipment, tools, and services does your shop have? Select all that apply.

Question 8: Which brand of paint do you use? Select all that apply.


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