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  1. This survey is for genuine automotive collision repair shops only.
  2. So that your responses are included in the survey, please complete this questionnaire in full, and submit the survey at the very end. If not, your labor rates may not be included in NABR's survey, and the market labor rates for your area will be determined by other shops who completed the survey.
  3. You may return to this survey as often as you wish to update your rates, anytime your posted labor rates change for any reason.
  4. The survey must be completed by an authorized representative of your company, preferably the owner or general manager.

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So that we may contact you if we have questions about your survey, please provide the following information about your shop.

1) Shop Information

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2) Contact Information

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Question 1: This survey will only use labor rates of auto body repair shops that are registered with or licensed by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair as an auto body and/or paint shop.

Yes No
Is your shop duly registered or licensed as an auto body and/or paint shop with or by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair?

If Yes, please provide your California BAR license number:

If No, stop here, proceed to Part 4: Declaration to sign and complete your survey, then submit it.

Question 2: This survey will only use labor rates reported by auto body repair shops that meet specific standards, as defined by the CDI.

Please confirm below whether your shop meets all of the following standards:

Yes No Standard
Meet all equipment requirements for auto body repair shops, as required by the Bureau of Automotive Repair and as described in California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Division 33, Chapter 1, Article 6, Section 3351.5, Equipment Requirements for Auto Body Repair Shops, and any amendments thereto
Have proof of garage keeper's liability and workers' compensation insurance or equivalent
Have electrical or hydraulic equipment capable of making simultaneous multiple body or structural pulls
Have a spray booth that meets current federal, state and local requirements
EITHER from an in-house alignment system with at least one technician that is certified/qualified, OR by using a qualified sublet provider, have the ability to complete and verify four-wheel alignment through computer printout
Have the ability to (1) remove and reinstall frame, suspension, engine, and drive train components, or (2) use a qualified sublet provider
EITHER using EPA compliant in-house equipment and certified technicians, OR using a qualified sublet provider, have the ability to evacuate, reclaim, and recharge vehicles air conditioning system
Subscribe to a provider of structural specifications with periodic updates covering the vehicle structure for the make, model, and year of the vehicle(s) being repaired and wheel alignment specifications for the make, model, and year of the vehicle(s) being repaired


Please enter your current Posted Labor Rates. These are sometimes referred to as your retail rates, door rates, or walk-in rates. DO NOT enter any discount rates, such as DRP, fleet, or wholesale rates. Enter zero (0) if the rate does not apply to your shop.

3) Posted Labor Rates

Body/Sheet Metal: $ per hr Aluminum Body: $ per hr
Refinish Labor: $ per hr Aluminum Structure: $ per hr
Structural: $ per hr Carbon Fiber: $ per hr
Frame: $ per hr Fiberglass: $ per hr
Mechanical: $ per hr
Paint Materials: $ per hr

4) Prices for Other Services

Inside Storage: $ per day Pre-Scan: $ per scan
Outside Storage: $ per day Post-Scan: $ per scan
4 Wheel Alignment: $ per job

Note: If your shop has special labor rates for luxury, exotic, or special vehicles, please finish this current survey using your standard posted rates, then also complete our Labor Rate Survey for Luxury & Special Vehicles to report those special rates.


Instructions: Mark the certifications that your shop currently has. If you are pursuing any of these but have not yet completed the process, do not mark that certification now. Come back later to complete another survey once your certification has been awarded. NABR verifies certifications with the issuing organization.

5) Which of these trainings, certifications, or recognitions does your shop currently have? Select all that apply.

6) Which of these OEM Collision Certifications / Recognitions does your shop currently have? Select all that apply.
(Your shop must appear on the OEM's official collision certified website or list.)

7) Which of these equipment, tools, and services, does your shop have? Select all that apply.

8) Which brand of paint do you use? Select all that apply.


9) Posted Labor Rate Sign
Upload a readable, close-up photo of your Posted Labor Rate sign, to show that the shop's surveyed rates are real. (optional but highly recommended)

10) I confirm that the labor rates provided above are my public posted labor rates, all other information is true and correct, and I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.